Do you also want to download indus battle royale game? And searching for indus apk link on google then you have come to the right site. With the help of given link download Now indus battle royale apk for Android-iOs indus game download. Hello friends, welcome to all of you on our website Friends, nowadays you must have heard a lot of discussion about indus game. Ever since PUBG and BGMI have been banned in India, game players will no longer be enjoying playing the game. Indian gaming companies are now bringing INDUS BATTLE ROYALE game to bring back the fun used to play PUBG and BGMI. Friends, let us tell you that this indus game is going to be very fun. Some new and attractive characters are going to come inside the game. There will be a mysterious Plante in it. Where you have to play games through map like PUBG, BGMI, Freefire etc.

You would know that the first game play of Indus Battle Royale was released on 26 January 2023 . After watching the trailer of Indus, a lot of information about the game is available. So today’s post of ours is about Indus Battle Royale / IBR. In this post you will get detailed information about what is Indus Battle Royale game, when will Indus Battle Royale game launch, how to play indus Battle Royale game? How to download Indus game, as well as how to do pre-registration to install indus game, etc. questions will be discussed. Apart from this, what will be your character in this game, what will be the weapons, what tasks will you have to complete and what is the reason for which you are in Indus.

What is Indus Battle Royale Apk game?

Game Nameindus battle royale game
Publisher Supper Gaming
PlatformAndroid iOS
Type Battle Royale
Download link

Friends, nowadays indus game is going on in a lot of discussion, after listening to which you must be thinking that how to download indus battle royale game So let us tell you that this Indus Battle Royal apk game is an action game like pubg and bgmi which has been created by supergaming company of India. With the help of given indus game download link you esliye install game in your mobile. This game is completely made in India game. This is an upcoming Indian battle game in which many people can play live like pubg, free fire and bgmi etc. We know that Indus game is a made in India game but it can be played all over the world. Means this game is going to be worldwide.

Indus Battle Royale game is an online video game whose features are very similar to PUBG and Fortnite. Now let us talk about what is the specification of this indigenous Indus Battle Royale game that makes it different from other games, then those specifications are such that one will get to see the glimpse of Indian culture in the characters. Apart from this, you will get a map of virlok which is about 2.5 km sq. Will be of the area. And the Guns that will be there will also be of different types, as well as if you get the cosmium which is the main objective of the game, then you will win the game. Let us now get detailed information about it.

When will Indus game download be released?

Friends, you must be thinking that this indus game is going on in a lot of discussion nowadays, but when will this Indus game launch? You must be wanting to know about this. Friends, you know that the trailer of Indus Battle Royale game has been released on January 26 itself, but this Indus Battle Royale game is not yet available on the Play Store, so let us tell you that there is no news about the release of Indus yet. No official information has come. No date for its launch has been announced by India’s super gaming company yet. But we can guess that indus battle royale game will come in this year itself. It may take some time to launch. When this game will be available on play store then you will get information about it.

How to download Indus Battle Royale game?

Friends, if you also want to enjoy playing the new powerful indus Battle Royale Apk game, but you must be wondering how to download this game Indus game download apk for Android-iOs indus Royale battle royale apk download , then let us tell you that this Indus Battle Royale game Not yet available on Play Store.

This is an upcoming game, which means that this game will come on the play store in a few days. But before the arrival of Indus Game its pre-registration has started. That is, when this indus game will be launched, after pre-registration, automatically the indus game will be installed in your mobile. And then you can play this game. So let us now know how to do pre-registration to download Indus game?

How to do Indus game pre-registration?

Friends, you must be wondering what is this pre-registration , and why and how to do pre-registration to play indus game. So let us tell you that pre-registration is done before the arrival of any game, that is, if you pre-register, then after the launch of that game, that game will automatically be installed in your phone and you can play that game. can play The pre-registration of IBR game has started and you can pre-register for Indus Battle Royale game for free. You will not have to pay any fees for this. So let us knowHow to pre-register for lndus battle royale?First of all click on the link given below.

After clicking on the link, Indus Battle Royale game will open in front of you. There you will see the button of install, click on it. After that you have to click on ok. Your pre-registration is now done.

Apart from this, you can also do pre-registration directly from Google Play Store. For this you have to search inds battle royale game in google. After searching, the Battle Royale game will appear in front of you. The install button will appear in front of it. Click on that and then click on ok to do pre registration. In this way you can pre-registration for indus game for free.

How to download & play Indus Battle Royale game?

Friends, you must have seen the trailer of Indus battle royale game. Now you must be very excited to play Indus Battle Royale. You must want to know what new features will be there in this game, how to play indus game, you will have many questions about IBR.

Although this game has not been released yet, so we cannot tell much about it in detail, but after watching its trailer, we have gathered some information for you. Will tell about some of its features, its characters etc. and will also discuss something about how to play the Indus game ( IBR kaise khele? ).

Indus is a planet on which you will be given a map of virlok. Here virlok is a mysterious island, where you will be dropped through the portal. Here your mission is a prestigious elementCosmiumhave to achieve. You have to find cosmium while fighting with weapons in this battleground. Like the role of diamond in uc and free fire in PUBG, the same role of cosmium in IBR.

Indus game characters

The characters that are going to be in Indus game are going to be very different. These characters have been created by connecting them with the culture of India. So let us know their character one by one.


The players who are going to be in Indus game, their role will be in the form of mythwalker tax. That is, the gamers who will play the game in Indus Battle Royale will be mythwalkers. There are 6 different characters given as Mythwalker. In which both male and female are there.


This coven is a chriminal orgenisation that send mythwalker to indus for cosmium. The 6 characters of Mythwalker work in coven under. Mythwalker fights and retrieves the Cosmium and gives it to COVEN.

Indus Battle Royale apk character name:

You will be given these 6 characters in IBR game. You have to select one of these characters. Playing the role of one of these characters, you have to play the game and get the Cosmos. Then only you will be the winner of this game.

Gun Name list

  • A27 LOCUST gun
  • KISMAT CS10 gun
  • VANTAGE gun
  • V-FURY gun

Indus Battle Royale game

Can I play Indus game for free?

Yes, you can play indus battle royale game absolutely free. You will not have to pay any kind of money to play this game.

On which devices can I play indus game?

Indus game can be played on PC, Mobile and console.

When will Indus game be released?

So far India’s supergaming company has not made any official announcement that when the game will come on play store. But as an estimate, we can tell that it will be launched in almost this year. That is, we have said that it will be available on the play store by September-October.

What are the supported devices of Indus game?

To download indus game you should have 4GB RAM in your phone and if you have Android 6.0+ and iOS 11+ then you can play indus game.

How many MB is indus game?

indus game can be around 500MB to 1GB. There is no confrim info about it. When indus game will come on play store, then its app size will be known.


Hope friends you have got complete information about Indus Battle Royale game. So in today’s article, you learned what is Indus game, how to pre-register for Indus game, how to play Indus game, and also you learned about the characters of Indus battle royale game.

So how will this upcoming Indus Battle Royale game be? What do you think about it, will this game compete with games like Pubg and Busy Mi, will it be equally fun, do write your views in the comment box.

Thank you…..